About Us


About Us

Our main goal is to transform and express your business to the world. The success of your business is as important as ours. Our professional expertise possess very high standard skill set to a sophisticated ideal on your project. Their outstanding performance elevates you towards your business target, therefore, our main responsibility is to always make you win and lead amongst the competitive online business world. We operates with enthusiasm and flexibility round the clock to make sure we get your job done.

Our team is empowered with professional experience, they bring perfect combination of high-end class and technical skills. Together we have the ability to invent, create and do extraordinary work. Our passionate and committed group of IT experts, creators, engineers, programmers, designers, business professionals, digital marketing specialists, artists, and project managers are highly intelligent with bright knowledge which is unmatched.

Adedola Technology Services believes that constant engagement with client is important, as we understand that the ideas of our client is the main goal, which is the foundation of our implementation. Therefore, executing creative solutions and coming out with quality results are the main fashion, style and culture which we imbibe in our working strategies. Our work, rather than words, speaks for ourselves.

The CEO & Creative Director

I'm passionate to the core about technology, creativity and also somewhat of a perfectionist. I admire business, music, fashion and culture. Yes, there's nothing like perfection to the level of humanity, but I believe in trial and error, upgrading and revisiting my past works had made me perfected my hunger and determination for creativity and constructive mindset. Technology is part of the world's evolution. Things are changing rapidly in the world of today with the new pattern of ideas and how our new generation are implementating them. I have always wanted to change the world around me to make people realise that they can do anything if they believe in their virtues and the possibilities of their actions and ideas

I believe that we are all creative and absolute in every way, connecting with what we love or passionate about is a great and first step in life, another step is bringing them to physical reality. In the professional journey of my life, I realised that success is not built or achieved alone without the help of a team, associates, friends or family who believed in your objectives and goals by understanding, visualising and ascertaining them the same way it is projected by you.

Achievements don't come easy, but possible through hardwork and dedication. My technology company, Adedola Technology Services was founded and built upon this mojo. We will continue to create new ideals, support modern technology and revive the old ones. My team has an extraordinary confidence in what they do. They are perfectionist and dedicated to every projects on desk, all our results are cost effective.